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Good evening folks 🙂

Last week was crazy and honestly I was just lazy and didn’t make time to blog, this week has been less crazy but I have been more lazy and so I’m just now getting to it.

Strength, we all have different amounts of physical and emotional strength. I have very little physical strength and can barely pick up anything, but I know people who can easily pick up something that I can barely move, some of that is God given and some is because they have decided that working out and building muscle is something that is important to them and they have worked hard to build strong muscles. However I’ve been told and I like to believe that I am fairly strong when it comes to emotional strength. In both cases I know people who are weaker and who are stronger than me, in both cases some of it you are born with and some of it you have to work to get.

Recently I have a new found strength, it is 100% because I am relying on the Lord more, and on other people less. This is the first time in years that I have been single for any length of time, and I recently realized that I was relying on a boy’s strength instead of my own, but more importantly instead of God’s strength. When I think about it now, and say it out loud it sounds silly that I was relying on a human’s strength when I could have been relying on God, who is stronger and more powerful that we could ever imagine. But we all do it, we all try and fix things without God’s help, we try and handle things on our own, or we talk to our friends and they try to not only carry their burdens, but also ours.  Guys I do it too, but we’re actually idiots, we can’t carry our burdens much less other people’s but we have such a big and awesome God who not only can, but wants to.

If you are feeling weak, remember that He is oh so strong, and He is there for you and will carry you through the hard times, and with Him you can be strong, keep fighting friends!

Love y’all 🙂


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Matthew 11:28



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