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Mark 11:24

Good mornin y’all!

This week’s is kinda short because I’m on vacation in Georgia and haven’t had time to write much. 🙂

I grew up knowing prayer was important and that it worked but until about 3 weeks ago I never prayed to get things done. A couple of weeks ago I met up with a woman who prayed over me and when I say she prayed I mean she PRAYED over me, and I have never felt the Holy Spirit like that before. We talked for hours about prayer and I learned so much in that time.

Let me tell you prayer works, sometimes the answer is yes, no, or wait, but it always works. I’ve seen God move in big big ways recently:

  1. My depression/anxiety/PTSD have been not, non existent but more under control  and that is 100% because of prayer.
  2. I’ve been praying for some closure on something that happened nearly 12 years ago, it came in a very hard and unexpected way, but I handled it better than me or anyone else would’ve expected and that is completely because of prayer as well.

Here’s the deal with prayer though, you have to believe that God can and will do it, for years I prayed because that’s what I was supposed to do, I prayed knowing I God could hear me, I prayed knowing he could do it, but I didn’t pray believing He would. Now I’m not promising that every prayer you pray will come true exactly how you pray it, because God knows better than we do, and that is a very good thing, because sometimes I’ll be praying for something to happen and after a little bit of time passes I am so glad it didn’t and that God knew better.

God is big and powerful and good. God Loves you and wants and knows what is best for you. So pray, believe, and watch Him move, and accept what He deems best for you!

Love y’all!




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