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Polaris ⭐️ 

All my hope by Hillsong

Good mornin y’all, I hope your week was full of laughter and love.

Polaris is the North Star, it is the only star that remains stationary aka it is constant, it is always there, it never leaves, even if it is cloudy and you can’t see it, it is still there. Some of you might have caught on to where I’m going with this, polaris is a metaphor for God. He is there in the cloudy stormy days, He is there when you can’t see him, He never leaves.

A few years ago, during a pretty rough time in my life I was at Youthfront (where I am currently summer staffing aka my favorite place on earth), on the way back to our cabin we could see the stars really well and one of my cabin leader’s told me to look up, she pointed out the brightest star, and said “that is polaris, it is always there. So whenever you feel like God has left, look up and remember that He is constant and will never leave, He will shine in the darkness of your life.” Those words have stuck with me for years. We also would talk about this subject at the beginning of the school year with my youth group in high school. It was always a good reminder that the Lord is good and constant through anything. When I am struggling with feeling like God has left, I look up and it is a good visual reminder that He is there.

When I moved to college 2 years ago, I knew my friend, my then boyfriend, and parents would leave after dropping me off, but it felt like God got in the car with them and said peace out, good luck. All of that first semester it felt like the Lord had left me completely alone, I struggled so much for those long 4 months. Second semester I went to a concert that had the singer Colton Dixon, he was singing a song I’d heard a thousand times, but in that moment, singing with thousands of other believers one set of lyrics stuck out to me: “I let go of your hand to help you understand, with you all along, I was never gone.” In that moment I realized that even though it felt like the Lord had left me, He hadn’t He had simply taken a step back so that I would seek Him more, He’d been holding my hand through the rough parts of my life and now that I was safe He had stepped back.

There have been many times in my life where it felt like God had left me, but even in those times He was there. His presence is not dependent on our emotions or our feelings of whether He is there or not. He is always there, sometimes we just need to seek him more.

God is the only constant in life, I’ve had friends leave, family leave, things and people I thought would always be in my life that are no longer there, but in every situation The Lord has been and always will be my only constant.

He is there for you. No matter what you are going through I promise He is there even when it doesn’t feel like, and He is always will be.

Always by Kristian Stanfill

Trust in him, He’s got this.

Love y’all!💕


Never Gone by Colton Dixon



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