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Live Untamed 

My friend Zach Atkeson’s motto is to live untamed and he does it well, he doesn’t let fear stop him from following his dreams or from getting out of his comfort zone. He has started a project this year called Mix it Up Monday, where he does something out of his comfort zone EVERY WEEK!! Then he makes a video about it every Monday. I’ll put the link to his first video at the bottom.

For those of you that actually know me, most of you probably know that I have anxiety, stepping out of your comfort zone is scary enough, but add on anxiety and it can make it feel impossible. Even this week I had a couple of situations that terrified me, but I felt the Lord was calling me to do them. Specifically for one of them, the days leading up to it my anxiety was pretty bad, but the hours leading up to it I felt like my heart was actually going to jump out of my chest, but in that I was able to rest in the Lord, I got down on my knees and prayed over and over “Lord give me courage, give me strength, give me peace, let me trust you, give the other person compassion in their response, and give me acceptance with whatever the outcome is” for nearly 40 minutes I prayed that, and while it was still a situation that was stressful and scary, I had peace that only the Lord can give. I am so thankful that I trusted the Lord and got out of my comfort zone.

The past year and especially the past couple of months I have been pushed farther and farther out of my comfort zone, and with each step I’ve had to trust and rely on the Lord. I’m so thankful that I have, because of it I’ve grown so much this year. One of the ways I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone is kind of small, but has definitely made me grow. All of my life I’ve never been the outdoorsy type (partially because I’m deathly allergic to stinging insects) but this past spring I was in a science class that forced me to go outside and be in nature, I thought I was going to hate it, but instead it was one of my favorite classes ever!! This year I’ve continued to get out of that comfort zone and go on hikes, bike rides, and love being in nature and enjoy God’s artwork. Also this year, I trusted the Lord when He called me to quit school, move to a new city and start a big girl job. It was terrifying, but with each step the Lord provided for me and I’ve grown so much.

The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” Everyone has fear, everyone has a comfort zone, but we can’t let either one control us. The Lord is so good and so faithful and he won’t leave us, so step out of your comfort zone!

What is scarring you? Don’t let it stop you; you don’t know the result (and yes I know that’s what makes it scary) but what if that thing that terrifies you is going to change your life for the better forever. What if you find your love? What if you get your dream job? What if you meet your best friend? What if you impact someone’s life forever? Don’t let the “what if’s” stop you, let them inspire you to live untamed!

https://youtu.be/w1OOYdSejwc This is my friend Zach’s first mix it up Monday video, watch it, enjoy it, and let it encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and mix up your life. Also subscribe to his channel, he’ll never cease to entertain and inspire you!


2 thoughts on “Live Untamed 

  1. This is awesome Noelle and what a cool story!! so excited for you to do things that make you a little scared! its cool How god uses your “stepping out of your comfort zone” to further his kingdom hear on earth. Two thumbs up!

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