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See You At The Pole is a prayer rally held on the fourth Wednesday of September every year all over the United States, to pray for our families, friends, schools, towns, counties, states, nation, and world. Where else can you find groups of students praying in front of a flag pole at 7 in the morning all over the nation at the same time??



If you answered nowhere you would be correct to my knowledge anyway, but why? why don’t you see students gathering together to pray together before school more often? maybe once a month, once a week or maybe even once a day. A lot of schools have a FCA (Fellowship of Christian athletes or a FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) program, but at least at my school there’s only a hand full of people there most of the time.

why are students and people in general so ashamed to share their Faith? you might get rejected yes, but you might not. How much do you have to hate someone not to share God with them?



So Step up! Step up this Wednesday (September 25th) and wake up a little early, get to your flag pole and pray (if nobody has arranged a SYATP at your school step up and do it! Go to SYATP.com and they show you how) 





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