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We are here for You!

Hello everyone, after i got home from church this afternoon I was listening to some music and the song “we are here for You” by Matt Redman Came on, and inspired this blog. 

“Let our praise be Your welcome
Let our songs be a sign
We are here for You, we are here for You”


Most of us probably went to church today, maybe Sunday school, and maybe your even going tonight, but why are you going? are going to see people? are you going because your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend or even you mom and dad want you to? are you going because there is food? are going because you have nothing else better to do? or even are you going because you think you have to because your a christian?

None of those are good reasons, you should be going because you are so desperate to learn more about God, and grow closer and closer to him each day.  We should be there for God and only God. Yes the fellowship is wonderful and even needed, but if God isn’t the main reason your going then your not going for the right reason. Is your praise a welcome and are songs a sign? when you sing and praise do you just read the words or do you mean them? 

And are you living your life here on earth for him?  or are you living for money? (For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 1 Timothy 6:10) Or are you living for another idol? either way you need to be here on this earth for God. 

“Let Your breath come from heaven
Fill our hearts with Your life
We are here for You, we are here for You”

When was the last time you ask God to fill your heart with his life? He is the way the truth and life no one comes to the Father but by him. (John 14:6)  God is the only life, so shouldn’t we ask Him to fill our hearts with it?

“To You our hearts are open
Nothing here is hidden
You are our one desire
You alone are holy
Only You are worthy
God, let Your fire fall down”

Is your heart open to God? He sees it all anyway, but he wants you to ask him to come fix your heart, is your heart hurting? its probably because your trying to hide or keep something from God. Is he your one desire? He should be, Because He is the only holy one, the only worthy one, we need His fire. Be a church on fire, be a person on fire…Set the world on fire! “Set the world on fire” by Britt Nicole.

“We welcome You with praise
We welcome You with praise
Almighty God of love
Be welcomed in this place”

Is God welcome in your place? this could mean your church, your house, your car, your heart, anywhere is God welcome there? He needs to be, If your church doesn’t welcome Him with Praise, you need to find a new church, if your house, car, and heart don’t, you need to change your ways. If anywhere doesn’t Welcome God with praise, you need to get out of there as quickly as possible.

“Let every heart adore
Let every soul awake
Almighty God of love
Be welcomed in this place”

One day Every heart will adore and every soul will awake, and welcome God. But until then just remember to welcome Him where you are, and encourage others to let their heart adore, and soul awake and welcome him in their lives and be saved.

Key things to ask yourself:

  • Are you here for Him? in Both church and just on the earth.
  • Is your praise a welcome to God?
  • Is your heart filled with God’s life?
  • Is your heart opened to God?
  • Are you on fire for God?
  • Is God welcomed in the places you are in?
  • Does your heart adore? Is your soul awake?
  • Are you encouraging other people to do all of the above?

here is the link to Matt Redman’s Song “Here for you” http://youtu.be/LXIeSfaOPdo

And Here is the link to Britt Nicole’s Song “Set the world on fire” http://youtu.be/aUu7YTT287c



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