In You we live, You we love, Your holding us all together.

Do you ever just stop? stop to think about how if God just decided to get tired we would all literally just fall apart. If it weren’t for God holding us all together not only would we all be a huge ginormous mess, but we would all just fall over dead.

I wrote this blog while Teen Staffing at Youthfront camp west this summer, we were having devotions and the song “Brother Moon” by Gungor came on here is the link Also yes I am alive and should be blogging more frequently now 🙂 so check it out.

In God we live, if He said “oh well I’m tired today we would die.

In God we move, He is holding us all together, so say He got tired but somehow we lived, we wouldn’t be able to move anywhere because he wouldn’t be there to guide us. He’s the one who opens the doors for us to do things, without Him nothing would go right in life and think about how much already doesn’t go right for us.

So God loves us and takes care of us, so He wont just “get tired or forget about us” but shouldn’t that be a inspiration to us? not to just give up on someone who needs us, or our help? So if your on a mission trip, serving at a camp, or just doing some missions for someone locally don’t give up! God isn’t giving up on us, and we are supposed to live like Him, and be His hands and feet, so we should’t give up on ourselves or others especially if trying to serve, witness, teach or lead them to Christ.

Be the Hands & Feet of God and don’t give up!

Don’t give up on you, don’t give up on them, don’t give up on anything!


I Am

Hey guys my computer is still being wonky but wanted to let you know I’m still alive, and remind you guys that God is I Am (look up You are I Am by Mercyme) no matter what your going through or what you need if its love or a comforter God is I Am.
Keep strong and prepare to be brave as school starts be courageous and stand up for Jesus 🙂