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New Kid in school

Why does it take so much effort to go up to the new kid in school and just simply say hi? Chances are they are terrified to be in a new place so probably the nice “hello” is a comfort, There will the the few that will be rude but you should still be nice to them.

There is a new girl in our school, she is a freshman and looks very sweet but very shy, I waved at her, smiled at her, and even know her name because she was introduced in one of my classes today but I never could get to courage to go up to her and introduce myself.

I saw her at lunch today she was looking for a place to sit,  I wanted to invite her to sit with us but never did, I said to myself well if she comes a little closer I will but I watched her look for a little bit and finally find some people who were braver than me.

So why does it take so much…this year there have been 2 new kids in my grade that have lockers right next to mine and now this girl who is a year younger. I have yet to introduce myself to any of them. This is not something I’m proud of, and something I need to work on, but I know I’m not the only one. So i wanted to give a challenge and some encouragement. Maybe you have a new kid in school too try and go up to them, even bring a friend with you.

And if you happen to be the new kid know it’ll get better hopefully you have some brave people in your school. I’ve been the new kid I went from being home school to public school  but I knew some people. So hang in there new kids and pray for a friend, God will listen and send some brave people your way.


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