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How many time a day do you say “I don’t wanna go to school” or “I don’t wanna be here”?

while thousands of us are saying those words in America thousands of kids all around the world would do just about anything to have the chance to go to school and learn.

We are so blessed to be able to go to school and learn from the time we are small children until well we decide we’re done with school, we have the choice to go to college anywhere from 1 year to 8 and then if you decide later in life you don’t like what you went to college for you can go back to college for something else.

But some kids in other countries don’t even get the chance to go to school ever, they don’t know how to read, or spell or anything because they’ve been working hard since they could. 

Also when we go to school we not only get to learn something new, but we get to see people every day. And as Christian we have the chance to witness to someone every single day and after all that is what we are called to do.

Plus aren’t we supposed to be different as Christians? so if we are complaining as much or even more than everyone else how do they see a difference? and how do they know Christians are different? I’m not saying you have to be perfect but in scripture it says “do everything without complaining or arguing” (Philippians 2:4). It doesn’t say do this and this without complaining or arguing but oh this is really hard so you can complain for that thing…No it say do everything (that includes, chores, school, work, homework, ect.) without complaining or arguing.

OK maybe you don’t go to school anymore…maybe you have a job well do that without complaining or arguing too!

So here is a challenge as we go back to school tomorrow lets start out the week on a positive note and be a light to everyone around us and when they ask why are you different tell them you have a best friend who died on the cross and now lives in Heaven and in your heart.

I encourage you to not only not complain but also if you see someone sitting alone go sit with them, you can even bring a friend but talk to that person who knows you might save their life, or you might make a new best friend.

If you see someone being bullied you don’t have to go stand up to the bully you can go get a teacher to take of the bully but then go check on the person being bullied and tell them your there for them, but truly mean it. 

Right now the movie “to save a life” is on right now its about how this one guy was so lonely and done with being lonely so he brought a gun to school. Think of all the school shootings recently most of them were because that person was bullied you could save people’s lives just by being that one friend. This link is to Superchick’s song Hero http://youtu.be/aNlZz3RQxos

There are so many ways you can show God (who is love) so just show love. Who knows you might change your school, your town, your state, or even the world, but I can guarantee that it will change you! And all you gotta do is “start with the small”

Grace and peace Image

The link below is to Britt Nicole’s song set the world on fire


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