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“Hide your love away” True love waits

Above is a video by Anthem Lights talking about how true love waits so hide your love away.

Every time  you maybe go a little to far in a relationship, your giving part of your future husband/wife’s gift away. That gift is your purity. someone I look up to a lot says “it would be like opening all your presents before Christmas and then on Christmas you have nothing to open it might be worth it for a small time, but later you will regret it weather its because you get an STD or get pregnant or just your guilty conscious. 

This was another short blog but the video explains it more. The link below is for the song by Anthem lights “hide your love away”

Some things I have heard of, started doing, or am going to do are:

1.) Write a purity pledge and keep it.

2.) Wear a purity ring.

3.) Pray for your future spouse.

4.) Have a piece of jewelry (for me its a necklace with a key) to give your spouse the night your married (its the key to your heart)

5.) Write down things you want in your spouse. Things that are deal breakers not just silly things you could live without.

6.) Write them a letter saying your sorry for any mistakes you’ve made, and just how you feel basically.

7.) And last but not least wait for them! 

If you’ve made mistakes it is never to late to start your purity pledge to wait for them.


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