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“Something to eat”

So how many times a day do you have the option of eating? my guess is at least 3 or 4 if not more.

well what if it was just twice a week? or once a week? 

Thousands of people in america complain because “they’re hungry” or “they don’t have any food” No, correction you probably have food, just not food you wanna eat..

I’m guilty of it I tell my dad just about every week “get some food we have none.) Well truth is we have some I just don’t wanna eat it or fix it.

While Americans are complaining about “not having food” when really we have some. Children and adults are dying of hunger but yet they don’t complain near as much as we do. Did you know every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger related causes?? That is a lot!! Did you know that .25 cents can feed one child one meal?? that is not a lot!! Make a difference stand out, Stand up!! and help these children. 

“Something to eat” is a initiative at my church camp (youthfront) it is an amazing ministry. 

“Something to Eat™ is a crisis response, meal packaging program that binds together the privileged and the poor. It is designed as socially interactive, tangible way for youth to respond to relief efforts through responsible, low-cost, nutrient-dense meals.  A pulsating spirit sweeps over every one of our meal packaging events where youth organize their friends, youth groups, churches and schools.  A steady rhythm develops as they heap cups of dry ingredients into funnels and bags, and they seal and they stack.” (Youthfront.com)

– See more at: http://youthfront.com/somethingtoeat/#sthash.D6tVx6up.dpuf

(To donate to “Something To eat” or to find out more information go to http://youthfront.com/somethingtoeat/)




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