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Famous people

So why do we idolize famous people? Especially Christian famous people? I mean non Christian actors, singers whatever, they are up on stage to be famous but they are still just normal people. But christian famous people are up there to praise God and witness to people.

At Revolve this past weekend Anthem Lights played. They are an amazing band with hearts for God, but they also are pretty nice looking and when you are in a room with about 3000 girls they go crazy. Some of my friends were saying they were gonna marry these guys that they had just heard about like an hour ago, they hugged them and went crazy over them, they said “I’m never washing my clothes/hand again, and then to top it off when we were getting ready to leave we saw Anthem Lights in a car about to drive away and they ran up to the car and started screaming, that’s when Anthem lights said “please do not idolize us”.  That sunk in because I’m guilty of putting celebratory’s up so high and not thinking about how they are just normal people, but they are. What is it that makes us think that these people are so much better than us? sure we can have them as role models or even like them, but not idolize them.

I’ll leave you with the first 2 of 10 commandments:

1.) you must have no other god’s before me.

2.) you must not make for your self an idol.

(The picture is of Anthem Lights driving away)Image


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