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Binging and Starving

OK so sometimes girls starve themselves because they’ve been told their not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough or whatever. Its so horrible, but a lot of people forget about the other side, the girls who binge. Our bodies are temples of God (1 Corinthians 6:19) and we have to respect it.A lot of people (me included) will eat when you have nothing better to do, especially on road trips, and then we look in the mirror don’t think we’re good enough and then starve our selves later…there is so much wrong with this but think about it how many of us do it? I know I’m guilty of it. We gotta start respecting our bodies in every way. I mentioned this in the last blog but because we were made in the image of God then if He is beautiful which He is then we are too just the way you are!Image


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