Just Treat others right!

So why do people (especially girls) go up to someone say “thats pretty” then turn around and say the exact  opposite?

It makes no sense go back to the old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” simple but true.

This blog was short but still just as important.

Gossip: saying something behind someone’s back, that you would never say to their face.

Flatter: saying something to someone’s face, that you would never say behind their back.

Both are bad and distrustful.

We should be building people up, not tearing them down!

words to sleep one…build someone up tomorrow or at least don’t tear someone down!



fuzzy penguins

fuzzy penguins

Just thought yall should know a little about me….sooo I really love penguins (hints my profile picture)
the end 🙂


This is from Kramer Rasmussen it tells his story in the post. He was a speaker at revolve that had a lot of bullying when he was younger. He is a real cool guy, check him out.

“Bullying is so cool.


That phrase has never been said by anyone. Ever. Especially those of us who have dealt with the issue of bullying. I remember in Jr. High when I was spat on, cursed at, threatened, and in one scenario, thrown through a window. As Jr. High turned into High School, I became my own expert on avoiding and eventually standing up to some of the biggest bullies in my school. It was not easy but over time the physical as well as the emotional bullying stopped. These are some of the things that helped me #stopthebull in my life.

1. Keep Your Confidence. (Deuteronomy 31:6)
What is a bully? What is at his or her core? Insecurity. I had to make a choice that I was not going to let an insecure person rob me of my values and dreams. Bullies roam the halls of life looking to run off with someone else’s lunch money, seeking to steal someone else’s confidence. Don’t let them rob you of your confidence! Remember Who made you. Your destiny is greater than the image cast on you by others. Jesus has a perfect plan for your future designed to fit you. It is limitless and worth chasing through the toughest persecution.

2. Kill them with Kindness (Luke 6:35-36)
Essentially, bullies are just mean people. When people are mean, my gut reaction is to be mean back. I love justice, so naturally when I hear about a bully, I instantly want to call them a meanie-head and stick my tongue out at them! You think that’s tough, you should see me when I’m really upset! After awhile, I got tired of being made fun of for my love of Jesus or mocked for the fact that I didn’t cheat or steal or sleep around and I realized something. Whenever bullies targeted me, they were looking for a response and I had given it to them. I changed my strategy then, and decided to “kill them with kindness.”

When I was pushed into a locker, I would smile and continue walking. If there were a group assignment, I would partner with the bully and ask him questions about his life. These little kindnesses add up. The bullying began to stop when they realized they could no longer get a rise out of me and instead were met with a compliment or smile. Their power was gone! My confidence was on lock down and they were not getting anywhere near it.

3. Pray for a Friend (Matthew 21:22)
I prayed for three years to make a good friend. I knew lots of people, but I needed a real friend that would have my back. I began Jr. High weeks after moving across the country so my only friends were my family. And the family dog.  Depressing, right? In those first months, I had more bullies than I did friends. I would come home from school with the same daily report: tons of homework, zero friends. I began to pray a simple prayer that went something like this: “God, please bring me a friend. Please bring me someone I can trust and have fun with. And God…please bring them fast.”

As I began my Freshman year of High School, God answered my prayers in a HUGE way. I made two unlikely friendships with two guys that had bullied me in previous years. Those guys are some of my closest friends to this day and were groomsmen in my wedding. God will bring you friends in ways you’d never expect!

4. Jesus is Faithful (2 Timothy 2:11-13)
If you have skimmed every part of this article and are finding yourself here at the end, please make sure you read what I am about to tell you. Jesus is faithful. He sees the specific circumstances you are dealing with; He knows the very pain that you are going through. Good news? He is not going to leave you there. My life is a testimony of God’s faithfulness on every side-He brought me through the trials and He has blessed me ten times on the other side. If you are thinking about giving in to the bullies in your life, even a little, if you want to give up, stop. You are God’s child; He loves you and has an incredible plan for your life. Do not give the Enemy the opportunity to rob you of your future. Jesus is faithful and desires to empower you and stand with you to #stopthebull.”
~Kramer Rasmussen 

Famous people

So why do we idolize famous people? Especially Christian famous people? I mean non Christian actors, singers whatever, they are up on stage to be famous but they are still just normal people. But christian famous people are up there to praise God and witness to people.

At Revolve this past weekend Anthem Lights played. They are an amazing band with hearts for God, but they also are pretty nice looking and when you are in a room with about 3000 girls they go crazy. Some of my friends were saying they were gonna marry these guys that they had just heard about like an hour ago, they hugged them and went crazy over them, they said “I’m never washing my clothes/hand again, and then to top it off when we were getting ready to leave we saw Anthem Lights in a car about to drive away and they ran up to the car and started screaming, that’s when Anthem lights said “please do not idolize us”.  That sunk in because I’m guilty of putting celebratory’s up so high and not thinking about how they are just normal people, but they are. What is it that makes us think that these people are so much better than us? sure we can have them as role models or even like them, but not idolize them.

I’ll leave you with the first 2 of 10 commandments:

1.) you must have no other god’s before me.

2.) you must not make for your self an idol.

(The picture is of Anthem Lights driving away)Image

Binging and Starving

OK so sometimes girls starve themselves because they’ve been told their not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough or whatever. Its so horrible, but a lot of people forget about the other side, the girls who binge. Our bodies are temples of God (1 Corinthians 6:19) and we have to respect it.A lot of people (me included) will eat when you have nothing better to do, especially on road trips, and then we look in the mirror don’t think we’re good enough and then starve our selves later…there is so much wrong with this but think about it how many of us do it? I know I’m guilty of it. We gotta start respecting our bodies in every way. I mentioned this in the last blog but because we were made in the image of God then if He is beautiful which He is then we are too just the way you are!Image

“This is love”

OK so first this is a blog I am starting to encourage people this will be for the Glory of God and no one else!
So this weekend I got to go to revolve which is a christian girls conference/concert and it is amazing! I learned so much but one of the main things was that humans were made to love, and to crave love and well we do. We all have a “love bucket” in the words of Christa Black and this “bucket” can only be filled by the unconditional love of Jesus unconditional love is when your doing something you know you shouldn’t and the person that loves you sees you and still loves you and never left you. God has never and will never leave you he is always there for you he was there when you were doing that one thing that you would just die if anyone else knew…well guess what someone knows his name is God and he made you and he knows everything about you and he still loves you! I don’t know about you but I think of myself as unworthy to be loved, but God the creator of the universe loves us always, he loves us in the good, the bad, and the ugly. I also learned that we have to just trust God Jeremiah 29:11 Says He knows the plans He has for you and they are good plans, plans to help you and not to harm you! how great is that!! Plus we are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) so if God is good which He is than we are too! if God is beautiful which He is than we are too!! I’ll leave you with these words from some of the people at revolve
~’Start with the small” “go back to the one” “start today” (Britt Nicole)
~To find out who you are, you have to know who God is” “Let God fill your love bucket” “Take A truth bath daily” “you are Gorgeous, Awesome, incredible, fantastic, kind, loving, beautiful people.” (Christa Black)